Minnesota Minor in Possession Laws

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Often students call us to inquire about the MIP laws in Minnesota. As a courtesy, we've compiled the laws from every U.S. state and listed them below.

Please note that the Minnesota minor in possession laws shown on this page are intended to help help you to learn about your local Minnesota laws. While we have tried to show the most up-to-date version of Minnesota MIP laws, but we do not guarantee its accuracy. This information is not a replacement for legal advice from an attorney. It is in your best interest that you find a qualified attorney for more information about Minnesota MIP laws.

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Minnesota Minor In Possession Laws

Minnesota Underage Possession of Alcohol

Possession is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S):

  • Parent/guardian's home

Minnesota Underage Consumption of Alcohol

Consumption is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S):

  • Parent/guardian's home
  • AND parent/guardian

Minnesota Internal Possession by Minors

Internal possession is not explicitly prohibited.

Notes: INTERNAL POSSESSION: Although Minnesota does not prohibit Internal Possession as defined by APIS, it has a statutory provision that makes it unlawful "[f]or any person under the age of 21 years to consume any alcoholic beverages" and further defines "consume" to " [include] the ingestion of an alcoholic beverage and the physical condition of having ingested an alcoholic beverage." Minn. Stat. § 340A.503.

Minnesota Underage Purchase of Alcohol

Purchase is prohibited and there is NO ALLOWANCE for youth purchase for law enforcement purposes

Furnishing Alcohol to Minors in Minnesota

Furnishing is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S):

  • Parent/guardian's home
  • AND parent/guardian

Minimum Ages for On-Premises Servers and Bartenders in Minnesota

Beer: 18 for both servers and bartenders

Wine: 18 for both servers and bartenders

Spirits: 18 for both servers and bartenders

Notes: Prior to July 1, 2007, minors who had reached the age of 17 could be employed to provide waiter or waitress service in rooms or areas where the presence of 3.2 percent “malt liquor” was incidental to food service or preparation. Minnesota defines “3.2 percent malt liquor” as any beer, ale, or other malt beverage containing not more than 3.2 percent alcohol by weight. Beginning on July 1, 2007, minors who have reached the age of 16 may be so employed.

Minimum Ages for Off-Premises Alcohol Sellers in Minnesota

Beer: 18

Wine: 18

Spirits: 18

Notes: In Minnesota, the minimum permitted age to sell 3.2 percent malt liquors for off-premises consumption is not specified.

False Identification for Obtaining Alcohol in Minnesota

Provision(s) targeting minors:

  • Use of a false ID to obtain alcohol is a criminal offense
  • Penalty may include driver's license suspension through a judicial procedure

Provision(s) targeting suppliers:

  • It is a criminal offense to lend, transfer, or sell a false ID

Provision(s) targeting retailers:

  • Licenses for drivers under age 21 are easily distinguishable from those for drivers age 21 and older
  • Retailers are permitted to seize apparently false IDs
  • Specific affirmative defense - the retailer inspected the false ID and came to a reasonable conclusion based on its appearance that it was valid

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits and Underage Operators of Noncommercial Motor Vehicles in Minnesota

BAC limit: 0.00 - any detectable alcohol in the blood is per se (conclusive) evidence of a violation

Applies to drivers under age 21

Minnesota Retail Sales: Keg Registration

Keg definition: not less than 7 gallons


  • Destroying the label on a keg - max. fine/jail: $1000 or 90 days

Purchaser information collected:

  • Verified by a government-issued ID

Warning information to purchaser: passive – no purchaser action required

Deposit: not required

Provisions do not specifically address disposable kegs

Minnesota Underage Driving Privileges: Use/Lose

No use/lose law.

Prohibitions Against Hosting Underage Drinking Parties in Minnesota

No State-imposed liability for hosting underage drinking parties.

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