Wisconsin DUI Laws

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

You’re from the Badger State and have received an OWI, right? No worries, we have the information you’ve been looking for. We supply you with everything that you need to remedy your situation.

The Law

Wisconsin OWI law states that it is against the law for any person to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if he or she has a blood alcohol concentration level of .08% or greater.

The Penalties

  • Fine: From $150 to $300.
  • Impact on License: Suspension from 6 to 9 Months.
  • Alcohol Assessment: May be required.

Wisconsin OWI Education Requirements

1st time OWI offenders are usually required to attend a Group Dynamics course. This 21 hour class is a Wisconsin highway safety initiative which tries to change students' driving behavior. It tries to educate and change impaired driving behavior and is not meant to be a treatment for addiction.

If a driver is convicted for an OWI offense a second time, then they must participate in a Multiple Offender Program (MOP). This program is 33 hours long and in it students must look at why they didn't change their behavior after their 1st OWI. Students track their drug and/or alcohol use during the course. They also perform self-assessments of their use and think about alternatives to their use. The course also offers coping strategies to help them avoid high-risk substance abuse behaviors.

The Solution

To have your license reinstated, you must file an SR22 form which you can attain from your insurance provider. Your agent can assist you with the proper forms and how long you will need to maintain this SR22. Typically, you need it for 3 years, but check with your court to be certain.

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