Drug and Alcohol School Programs

We offer customized drug and alcohol school programs at Online Alcohol Class that can be tailored to meet the needs of any professional or educational institution. These courses provide schools with a comprehensive curriculum that teaches individuals about the dangers of substance abuse and the best methods for prevention. Our goal is to provide students with the means to prevent addiction so that they can embrace a much healthier lifestyle.

Our drug and alcohol education program contains a variety of different substance abuse education classes. The classes are categorized by time; whether you are looking for a short 8-hour course or a more extensive 24-hour course, we have your needs met. All of our programs educate individuals and offer them the tools needed to maintain sobriety. Most importantly, by attending our drug and alcohol education program, students will better understand the dangers of substance abuse and the methods to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

What Our Classes Offer

Our drug and alcohol school programs equip students with invaluable knowledge on how to abstain from alcohol and drugs, and the benefits that come from such abstention. Concepts covered in the substance abuse education classes include:

  • Symptoms of substance abuse
  • Effects of alcohol and drugs
  • How alcohol affects young people
  • Minor in Possession, Minor in Consumption and underage drinking laws
  • How to control stress
  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • The cost of substance abuse
  • Consequences of DUI/DWI and MIP citations

There are other concepts covered in the curriculum as well. If your institution would like to place emphasis on a particular topic, we can accommodate your needs and provide course work on that specific area(s) of study.


We know that our program will communicate the importance of being drug and alcohol free. But the benefit of our program goes deeper than that. Our program can be immensely beneficial for your school. Just some of these benefits include:

  • Can reduce or eliminate student drug addiction issues
  • Can help your institution more effectively teach to students
  • Can ensure your students maintain healthy lifestyles

We welcome any questions or concerns you may have regarding our courses. We are confident our program will benefit your students’ quality of life and educate them on the dangers of substance abuse.

Drug and Alcohol School Programs

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