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Seek Education Today – Attend a Class

If you suffer from alcohol abuse or addiction, we strongly encourage you to seek help. There are a wide variety of alcohol treatment classes that you can take which help you learn how to have a healthier, happier life. Secure your fugure and livelihood and enroll in a class today.

Alcohol Awareness Classes

Online alcohol class offers a wide variety of online alcohol education classes ranging from 8 hour to 32 hour in length.

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Minor in Possession Classes

Thoughout the U.S., it is generally illegal for minors to consume alcohol. If caught, often part of the punishment is a requirement to take a minor in possession or minor in consumption class. We offer MIP classes in a variety of lengths to meet your needs.

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Online DUI and DWI Classes

Often as part of a conviction for drunk driving there is an alcohol education requirement. If you are eligible, consider taking an online DUI class to fufill this requirement. OAC offers a wide variety of classes for you.

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In Person DUI Classes

Some people prefer to take their DUI classes in person. Or something their requirement is to do so. Quickly find a local in-person DUI or DWI Class.

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