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Steps to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Do you fear that you may suffer from alcohol abuse? If you feel as if you drink too much and are ready to stop, there are various steps you can take to quit. Of course, rehab is always an option, and depending on your specific condition, may be your best and safest bet. However, if you believe you can get sober on your own, then you may find the following tips to be helpful:

Speak to a Doctor

It is important to speak with a Doctor. Not just to get through detox, depending on how much your body is used to consuming, but also to be accountable to your commitment. For example, if you've been drinking heavy amounts of alcohol every single day and for a while, stopping cold turkey will be difficult but could also be dangerous to your health. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss various options and medications you may need to get you started.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Easier said than done, but remind yourself daily that change is hard but worthwhile. Keep your goal in mind and allow each decision to strive towards it. It will be hard to stay positive, but depression can be a downward spiral. Remind yourself it's part of the process and find help if necessary. Keep a positive attitude and your eye on the prize. You may even find it helpful to recall reasons as to why you decided to quit drinking alcohol (i.e. the horrible hangovers, acting ridiculously in front of family and friends, etc.).

Do Some Cleaning

If you're serious about no longer drinking and you want to avoid temptation, you'll need to clean your house and rid your living space of all things booze. Of course, this means you'll want to throw out bottles, cans, and anything that has alcohol in it. Even if you're planning on having guests over, offer them something else besides beer, wine, or liquor.

Pick a Date

You may find it easier to actually quit drinking by picking a starting date and holding firm to that date. Consider this task a challenge to showcase your strength and willpower. You can even try rewarding yourself for hitting certain milestones of sobriety (i.e. hours, days, weeks, months, etc.). The main point is to never give up on yourself and your goal.

Getting Help

If you think you have a drinking problem or would just like to test yourself, then challenge yourself to 30 days sobriety now. You may first want to determine how serious your problem is and seek professional assistance. Withdrawal can be risky if done alone so contact a medical doctor but remember, there is no need to feel embarrassed nor ashamed and it's never too late to get help, so commit to sobriety today.

Steps to Stop Drinking Alcohol