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How to Stop Binge Drinking

Do you tend to binge when you drink? Do you drink more than you planned to? Is it difficult for you to stop drinking once you've started? Have people expressed concern about your drinking habits?

Problems with alcohol can sneak up on you.* Nobody sets out to "have a drinking problem"* or become an addict. If you've tried to cut back or stop unsuccessfully, than it is likely that you have a drinking problem. A prerequisite for change is being completely honest with yourself.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? If you binge drink, then the answer is definitely "no." If you want to undo harmful habits, try incorporating these tips into your life:

  • Remind Yourself of the Consequences

Binge drinking can cause many problems and discomforts including: hangovers, headaches, vomiting, and even bodily injury. Before you go out drinking, remind yourself of how bad it feels when you drink too much. Set a limit before hand and commit to it. Then, see how you did. Were you able to stick to your limit?

  • Understand Why You Drink

It is very helpful to understand what motivates you to drink. Do you drink because it gives you confidence or because that's what your father did most of your childhood and it is very familiar. If you drink because you're stressed, dislike your job, or because the people you hang out with do, then it's time to make some changes. Dig deep and ask yourself why you drink. Remember that drinking is a slippery slope that doesn't solve any of life's problems and often makes them worse.

  • Know Your Own Limits

Do you know your own limits? Do you drink to get "buzzed" or "wasted"? Can you have one or two and stop yourself? Find your edge and stop drinking before you reach it. You may need to think about drinking differently.

  • Balance Your Drinking

When you consume alcohol, it's important to balance the booze with food and water. If you're going to drink, then make sure you have a nice meal beforehand (lots of carbs are usually best). Also, it's important to stay hydrated, so consume plenty of water.

Alcohol May Not Be for You

If you can't control your alcohol intake, then drinking alcohol will start to control you. If you suspect that you already have a problem with alcohol, then get help today. You can take an online alcohol awareness class or find a community support group that deals with alcohol abuse such as AA.

How to Stop Binge Drinking