Corporate Drug and Alcohol Training Program

At Online Alcohol Class, we conduct corporate drug and alcohol training programs for businesses in order to educate individuals on how to stop and prevent substance abuse. Our corporate drug and alcohol training programs have been developed by specialists and industry experts, and are completely customizable to the needs of your business. Our program emphasizes the importance of staying sober, which can prove beneficial not only for employees but for your business as well. In the course of this program, we teach different methods for coping with substance abuse that can help individuals find and maintain a healthy lifestyle, free of alcohol. Ultimately, our mission is to provide you with a quality package that will educate and prevent alcohol and drug abuse in the work place, so that your business can prosper.

When it comes to choosing the program that is right for your business, you have options. We offer a variety of class options within our corporate drug and alcohol awareness program, each categorized by hours. Our class options range from 8 to 24 hours in length. Whether you are looking for something basic or more in-depth, we have what you need.

What Our Classes Offer

Our drug and alcohol awareness program is convenient and effective. Comprehensive and informative, our courses cover a variety of important concepts, all of which will undoubtedly benefit your business. Concepts covered in the course include:

  • History of alcohol and drug abuse
  • DUI/DWI/MIP laws
  • How drugs and alcohol affect the body
  • Cost of use and abuse
  • The effect of alcohol on personal relationships
  • Deglamorizing alcohol
  • Ways to avoid peer pressure

The lessons learned are invaluable; they teach individuals how to prevent and deal with substance abuse. Suffice to say, the benefits of our program are many.


The greatest benefit of our program is that individuals gain invaluable insight to the dangers and threats of substance abuse. Employees will learn different strategies on how to react when confronted with drugs and/or alcohol. The benefits of our drug and alcohol awareness program go beyond the long-term advantages though; our programs are practical and convenient as well. Some of the more practical benefits include:

  • Offered entirely online
  • An official Certificate of Completion is provided at no cost
  • Customer support is available at any time, day or night
  • Guaranteed results or your money back

We know that we can provide your business with an exceptional program that will benefit your work place. We can develop a customized corporate drug and alcohol training program that is catered to your specific needs. If you would you like more information about our corporate drug and alcohol training programs, please contact us today.

Corporate drug and alcohol training programs

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