Thomas Kinkade Needed DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

One of my favorite painters is Thomas Kinkade. His cottages along rivers with amazing light dot my walls. I knew very little about the man until the time of his death. It turns out he suffered from chronic alcoholism.

It was a disease that cost him his life.

The "Painter of Light" died of accidental acute intoxication from alcohol and an anti-anxiety medication. More specifically, Kinkade died from acute ethanol and Diazepam intoxication. His death was ruled accidental by the coroner.

Kinkade, the self-proclaimed "Painter of Light," whose works captivated millions of Americans despite the scorn of many art critics, died in April at his home in Northern California. He was 54 years old.

His family had been aware of his condition but was unable to affect a change. Adding to the painter’s grief were personal issues, including a separation from his wife of many years and even financial troubles.

He also suffered from criticism of his work by critics.

Kinkade was arrested for driving under the influence in 2010, the same year his company filed for bankruptcy. This was reported in the Huffington Post.

Of course, like many artists, the value of his work skyrocketed following his death. It is a shame that he could not have taken a DUI class to help him with his alcoholism. Hopefully, his death from alcoholism will serve as a beacon to others who appreciate his work. Hopefully, it will serve to engage them to seek help for their drinking issues.