The DUI That Got Away

by: Mike Miller

There was definitely a time in my life where I did not trust police officers.  The fact that my body and mind were under the influence of alcohol and other drugs most certainly was a contributing factor. It would come as no surprise that I had run ins with the police on many occasions, many involving alcohol, drugs and shoplifting. 

News of the Weird

The story a supposed-drunken driver ramming into motorists not moving unfortunately is not uncommon. That a breathalyzer showed his blood-alcohol content at the time was 0.19 – not uncommon – but obviously this is on the really drunk side. That the supposed drunken driver is an off-duty police officer, also probably not too uncommon.  The fact that his legal counsel fully expects all charges to be dismissed – who, what, where – how is this going to happen?

This is the case currently going on against former police officer David Bisard in Indianapolis, Indiana.  There is no question that Bisard was driving the vehicle that struck to motorcyclists stopped at a red light. There is no question one of the two died from injuries sustained in that accident. So why on God’s Green Earth is he likely to get away with it?

Somehow the police testing and arresting Bisard “improperly procured” the breathalyzer exam. How does this happen? Obviously something crazy went on because the DA already withdrew the drunken driver charge because he knew it would not be admissable.

Even without the DUI charge, there is the fact that he rammed two motorcyclists – killing one.  Anyway, thought this was a strange story and will try to follow it as it wends its way out.