Students Against Destructive Driving

by: Mike Miller

This is a dangerous time of year for high school students – especially those who drink alcohol.  Underage drinking is at record levels right now with no signs of slowing down. Most of you have heard of the group MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), but have you heard of SADD?

Guess What SADD Stands For?

The answer of course is Students Against Destructive Driving. SADD is becoming a much more vocal group and its voice is being heard since the message is coming from peers not parents.

Recently SADD reported that more than 70% of all high school students have experimented with alcohol before graduation. They estimate almost 40% have tried it before graduating eighth grade.

Alcohol and Decision Making Do Not Mix

The fact is alcohol affects decision-making skills.  Let’s face it there is no doubt that decisions made by teens can be questionable at best. Add alcohol to the mix and well – this is not mathematics where two negatives make a positive. The effect of alcohol on teen decision-making can be hazardous.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that teen drinking is riddled with bad decisions.  It estimates that 90% of teen alcohol consumption is binge drinking.  90% - that is amazing. What is your experience? My recollection of high school drinking would add credence to that number for sure. Another reason for minor in possession classes, for sure!