Teachers Need Alcohol Classes Too

by: Mike Miller

Teachers are one of the bastions of society. We entrust teachers to our children’s development and well-being. We have to expect teachers to be role models in front of our children.

What they do behind closed doors is their own business, but please comport yourself honorably in front of our children.

Do you remember the story from New York City, New York where a teacher who had passed out in class, reeking of alcohol, with even the principal unable to rouse her? The teacher’s uni0on stood behind her and made discipline nearly impossible. A perfect example of unions overstepping their usefulness.

More Union Troubles

Don’t get me wrong, I think unions served an important purpose and could still be important today. But they go way too far.

In Los Angeles. California there is a deeply disturbing incident where union officials helped a teacher keep his job after he allegedly mocked a student who had tried to commit suicide, suggesting that the boy slash his wrists more deeply the next time.

In many cities, teachers’ unions ensured no one was removed for mere incompetence. If a teacher stole or abused a student, yes, but school boards didn’t even try to remove teachers who couldn’t teach.

Connecticut Leading the Way

Connecticut has arguably become ground zero for school reform in America because it is transforming the system with the full cooperation of the union.

A couple of years ago, the school district reached a revolutionary contract with teachers. Pay and benefits would rise, but teachers would embrace reform – including sacrificing job security.

With the increasing number of teachers abusing alcohol in front of our children sacrificing job security is the least we should expect. Not a week goes by where I don’t read about some teacher drunk in class or with students. Getting the unions on board so that their members are all exemplary models for our kids is the right next step for turning our education system around!

source: www.thenewstribune.com