Quarterback and Race Car Driver Need Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Given that their bodies are their primary source of making a living, it never ceases to amaze me how many athletes use and abuse alcohol. The following incidents happened on the same day to two prominent athletes in their respective regions. Not only did these two athletes use alcohol, but did so in the most irresponsible way – driving under the influence.

Hawaii DUI

The Hawaii Warriors football program received some disappointing news this past week. According to www.mwcconnection.comi, Sophomore Cayman Shutter certainly hurt his chances of being named the starting QB after being pulled over for speeding and weaving on the freeway. He was arrested for a DUI. Of course the incident happened in the middle of the night – 3AM – the witching hour for DUI behavior.

Shutter has very little experience on the field and had only garbage time reps in 2011against UC-Davis and he did see some time in three games in 2010. The quarterback race started as a three-team battle with David Graves and Ikaika Woolsey up until his arrest.

Unfortunately the NCAA frowns heavily upon such behavior and the 20-year-old may have just “shuttered” his career. Hopefully, with an alcohol class and some counseling this young man will get another shot at playing football. At the very least, free of booze he can lead, a clean, sober and productive life.

Chris Rado gets DUI

Perhaps the name Chris Rado is alien to you. He has been working hard to make a living racing cars. A DUI arrest is not going to help him.

Rado was pulled over for a minor traffic violation reports TMZ, but officers smelled alcohol and he was arrested for DUI. This could end his racing career.

Again, why do these athletes and so many millions of others, risked their lives and those of others by drinking and driving? Perhaps the answer is as simple as an alcohol class. Here they will learn that every decision counts.