Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)

by: Mike Miller

Can’t Argue Out of This One

It does not matter whether you are a school teacher, firefighter, police officer, doctor, politician or attorney, alcohol can cause a problem in your life.  Sometimes it seems like professional athletes, politicians and lawyers feel like they are invincible or above the law, but reality always will catch up with you if you confront it often enough.

Recently I blogged about a school teacher in the United Kingdom who had been drinking white wine out of a water bottle and a school bus driver who was arrested for a DUI and having a loaded weapon next to her seat.  These were both 57-year-old women showing zero common sense.

OWI – Beware of this Common Offense

Now comes the story of the Town Attorney getting arrested for OWI.  You don’t hear about this offense too often, but I assure you it is quite common. 

Quick – guess what it stands for.  If you answered “operating while intoxicated” you were correct.

If you Can’t Start Your Car Maybe the Problem is You!

Here is how the situation with Town Attorney (Perry McCall) went down.  A police officer from Sellersburg, Indiana found McCall in his car with the key in the ignition trying to start the engine.  The officer heard McCall complaining to someone else in the parking lot that he had been trying to start the engine for 10 minutes.

Police officers are very observant.  Upon hearing this, the officer gave McCall a thorough examination noting his glassy eyes, poor dexterity and a strong odor of alcohol.

Bad Breath

Realizing he might be in trouble with the officer looking over his shoulder, McCall explained to the officer that he was only trying to start the engine for a sober friend who was going to drive the vehicle.  He was with two young women at the time, neither of whom are mentioned in the police report.

There was little doubt of McCall’s drunkenness as he submitted to a breathalyzer on the scene and blew a 0.19.  He currently is facing a number of charges and his punishment could be up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

On the positive side, the Town Council has decided that McCall will keep his job since this will not affect his performance.  On a side note, this is the 2nd time McCall has been cited for OWI, having also been busted in 2001.