Best Customer Service I Have Ever Encountered

by: Mike Miller

Here at Online Alcohol Class, we prefer to use our blog to talk about the goings on with alcohol awareness, alcoholism, underage drinking and related topics. But from time to time, we do like to talk a little about our products and what we offer.

Now you might think from our website that what we offer is just alcohol awareness classes and minor in possession classes. That's not the whole truth. We try to deliver a customer service experience which is superior to every other online and classroom education provider out there.

We know that often our students are in a state of stress. They might have a court related requirement which is looming on the horizon. If they have to take an alcohol class or MIP class they might have other family, legal or personal problems that they are dealing with. So we understand that making the experience with us as smooth as possible will make their lives just a little better.

Here's a recent testimonial we received from a customer:

"Thank you for helping me so quickly. Best customer service I have ever encountered. Greatly appreciated."

We really love getting these unsolicited comments from our customers. In this case, the client needed to make a change to their class and we tried to quickly and courteously respond. Other things that we try to include:

  • Easy to reach customer support. Our customers can contact us both via email and phone. We have a real phone number posted right on our site.
  • A no-nonsense guarantee. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with our product we'll give you a refund. 
  • Fast certificate shipping. We ship our certificates every business day because we understand that once you finish the class you want to get your certificate as soon as you can.
  • Handle special requests. If you have a need for a particular length of class, we'll do it. Other requests? Just call us and ask!
  • An easy to use class. Many companies tell you their products are easy to use. But once you start their program you find out you need flash or download a pdf or other program. Our years of experience has created a truly simple product.
  • Free and helpful blog. This blog is, of course, free. But we spend time trying to give our clients and other people on the web information that we find interesting and hopefully they find interesting. And maybe we try to add a little humor as well?
  • Really great classes. All this wouldn't matter if the class wasn't really great. And by great we mean well researched materials that are presented in a clear and understandable fashion. And we're always trying to improve our classes so your feedback is welcome.

So enough tooting our horn in this blog. Let's get back to the interesting topics that you guys like reading!