“Mower-Dad” Needs More than an Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

You know this story is going to get a few mentions on the Fox TV News Program hosted by Nancy Grace. In Kentucky, last week a man was riding his mower with his 2-year-old daughter sitting in front of him. That alone would not get on Nancy Grace. Unfortunately for Jackson McReynolds, he now faces a manslaughter charge after his daughter fell off the mower and was subsequently run over.

Reports indicate that the 41-year-old McReynolds has been charged with second degree manslaughter, and received a criminal summons to appear in court. He has not been arrested. How this man is not behind bars is beyond me.

Back in May, McReynolds was operating a riding lawnmower at a home in Lexington, Kentucky, as his 2-year-old daughter, Addy, rode with him.

McReynolds made a sharp turn, causing Addy to fall off the vehicle. She was then run over, and killed. Addy McReynolds died of blunt and sharp force trauma.

It is no surprise that Jackson McReynolds refused blood-alcohol tests at the scene. He was later taken to UK Hospital to have the tests, after police obtained a search warrant.

Documents say blood and urine tests were taken, and came back .04.

However, a doctor estimated at the time of the incident with the lawnmower, Jackson McReynolds' blood alcohol content was between .115 and .14. A blood alcohol content of .08 is legally drunk in Kentucky.

So an innocent little girl lost her life. Two parents and many other relatives will never be the same. Why? Because some drunken fool decides he knows better and risks his daughter’s life!