Montana Online DUI Classes Help Serial Offenders

by: Mike Miller

How many driving under the influence violations does someone have to get before they decide on their own never to get behind the wheel of a car? The answer is probably as many as it takes. Do we have to chop off their arms to keep them from driving? Would even that keep them from getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs?

It has been estimated that for every DUI violation a person receives they get away with it 400 times. How many times must John Harvey Hootshave driven under the influence? Keep in mind he just received his 13th DUI. As reported in

Hoots, a 54-year-old from Billings, Montana tried to blame his neighbors for his most recent DUI infraction. He claimed he drive while intoxicated to get away from his neighbor who was threatening him.

A jury will have little sympathy for a DUI violator, especially if he has 12 previous convictions!

His attorney argued state law allows a person to commit a crime to avoid serious injury or death.

The neighbor testified he called 911 last July on the day in question to report Hoots had dropped his pants. A short time later, the neighbor's mother called to report Hoots indicated he had a gun.

Hoots was driving away as officers arrived. His blood-alcohol level was 0.20 and he had just been released from prison six weeks earlier on his 12th DUI.

This is serial DUI at its worst. Mandatory online alcohol classes and online DUI classes might have prevented this menace to society from ever using alcohol. Learn more here: