Farrah’s Kid Needs Alcohol Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

Who would of thought the offspring of Ryan O’Neal would have substance abuse problems and run-ins with the law? I feel badly for the boy, but really he has got to stand up for his behavior and become an adult already!

Troubled Redmond O'Neal could be heading for jail after using drugs while on probation.

The convicted criminal, who is the son of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett, was today taken into custody had his probation revoked.

He should have known better than to use methamphetamine at a live-in drug rehabilitation facility.

Long List of Troubles

O'Neal was lucky to escape jail last month after pleading no contest to two felony counts, including heroin and firearms possession.

He was placed on probation for five years, sentenced to a 12-month stay at a live-in drug facility and had a three-year state prison sentence suspended as long as he did not violate the court's terms. However O'Neal called someone from a pay phone and had drugs brought to him at the facility.

In early August O'Neal was arrested by police after he was stopped for running a red light in Santa Monica, when officers found heroin in his car.

At the time Oscar-nominated father claimed his son had still not got over the death of his mother in 2009.

Ryan, 70, had promised to show his son 'tough love' but his efforts seem to have been in vain. He has battled addiction since his teens, and has constantly been in trouble with the law due to crimes related to his substance abuse.  He was temporarily released from jail in 2009 so he could attend his mother's funeral after she died of cancer.

While on probation in 2008, O'Neal was booked along with his father on suspicion of narcotics possession after a probation search at Ryan O’Neal's Malibu home.

The elder O'Neal pleaded guilty and accepted the option of completing a drug-diversion program.

Redmond O’Neal was also jailed in 2009 after he was found with heroin during a routine security check at the Pitchess Detention Center.

Here’s to hoping he can get himself clean and stay sober. And perhaps an 8 hour alcohol drug class could help. If not, this young man will not live a full and complete life.