Does Pat Sajak Need An Alcohol Awareness or DUI Class?

by: Mike Miller

Being intoxicated behind the wheel can mean more than just drinking and driving. For longtime television game show host Pat Sajak that is the case. Sajak admitted that he and Vanna White would go and pound margaritas and other alcoholic beverages in between tapings of their show.

Pat Sajak may have seen more than just the Wheel spinning during his time hosting Wheel of Fortune.

In an interview with ESPN2 the longtime game show host admitted that he and letter-turner Vanna White used to hit the bar for margaritas during two-and-a-half-hour breaks filming the show.

Sajak admits that at times they drank so much they would have trouble recognizing the alphabet. If you pay attention, you can see White messing up and very slow to respond.

YouTube is being inundated with searches for clips of the two intoxicated game show hosts. 

With his Confucius-like knowledge of wordplay and a physique like an aging Ken doll, Sajak has been a constant source of entertainment on Wheel since 1983. 

Do you think Sajak and White need an alcohol class? I certainly think they both have drinking problems. Anytime you drink and go to work, you pretty much have a problem.