Doctor Should Have Taken Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Doctors should know better. This Massachusetts doctor never should have provided alcohol to minors. For some it is merely illegal. For other, providing booze to minors can cost you your career.

A prominent Latham physician provided alcohol to minors at a party at his home over the summer.

Colonie police say a teenage girl had to be transported by ambulance from the house, to an area hospital after allegedly getting 'highly intoxicated' at the doctor's home.

Dr. George Stasior was arrested at around midnight the evening of the party on charges of endangering the welfare of a child' and unlawfully dealing with a child, both Class A misdemeanors.

According to Fox 23 News, Police initially received a loud party call from a concerned neighbor. Once they were doing the investigation, they located the 16-year-old female who was in a highly intoxicated condition, and also was being ill from her alcohol intake, and that's when they called the ambulance for her.

The girl made a full recovery, but police arrested the Loudonville homeowner, Dr. Stasior, for 'endangering the welfare of a child' for his alleged role in the 16-year-olds' intoxication, and for 'unlawfully dealing with a child' for allegedly providing alcohol to a group of about 20 minors.

Patrol officers told Lt. Winn when they first arrived at the party, there were about 25 people at the Stasior home, but immediately several guests 'ran away,' and, in the end 15 minors, each between the ages of 15 and 18-years old were identified, and had to call their parents to secure a safe ride to pick them up.

This case should serve as a reminder to all parents of teens.

There's a campaign out there, “IF YOU HOST, YOU LOSE,” it's a popular, nationwide campaign, which is telling people, 'listen, if you're hosting a party at your residence, you become liable for the persons at that residence.'"

So the bottom line, here is this, is just do not provide alcohol to underage people, period!