Could Online Alcohol Class Have Helped Avoid Tragedy?

by: Mike Miller

Let’s face it drinking alcohol, doing drugs and playing in water do not mix. The horror stories could go on for pages. Each year thousands of people are killed or severely injured by mixing drugs and alcohol.

Following is a tragic tale from Kent Online of two young men who made the stupid decision to become a statistic in the above-mentioned tragic category.

No Canterbury Tale

In Canterbury, England two young men were found dead in a pond and the ensuing autopsy found drugs and alcohol in their system. The two had been seen with other friends the previous night drinking and having a good time.

Friends and family were obviously shocked by their deaths. Locals all considered them both kind and gentle people and found their deaths especially tragic.

Toxicology results show Hugo Wenn, 17, and 25-year-old Daniel Lloyd had methoxetamine - known as MXE - and alcohol in their bodies.

MXE has been billed as a safe alternative to ketamine.

Both men's bodies were found in Reed Pond, and post mortems revealed they both died from drowning.

Folks, don’t become a statistic. Alcohol can kill you. If you or someone you love is drinking and or doing drugs please seek help immediately. If you prefer to maintain anonymity there are online alcohol classes too.