Minor in Possession Classes in Emmonak Alaska

Online Alcohol Class offers the most comprehensive Emmonak Alaska Minor in Possession course available. We offer Level 1 (8 hour), Level 2 (16 hour), and Level 3 (24 hour) online Minor in Possession and Minor in Consumption Courses. These are suitable for somebody looking for:

  • Emmonak Alaska Minor in Possession (MIP) course
  • Emmonak Alaska Minor in Consumption (MIC) course
  • Emmonak Alaska Underage Drinking (MIP) class

Our courses were created and written by professional educators. They have been carefully written to be highly educational and easy to understand. They contain the instructional materials that meet Emmonak Alaska requirements.

These Emmonak Alaska online MIP courses are suitable to fulfill a court minor in possession (MIP), and minor in consumption (MIC), or underage drinking requirement, or just for personal growth. these classes are completely self-paced and can be accessed from any web browser. All of our MIP classes come with an instant downloadable Enrollment Verification that you may show to a court, school or employer. A personalized Completion Certificate is awarded at the end of the class. Get started today! Click here to enroll.

Alaska Minor in Possession Class FAQs

1. Do you accept most payment methods for the Online Alcohol Class Emmonak Alaska online MIP class?

We accept most major credit cards including MasterCard and Visa. You must pay for the Emmonak Alaska online MIP class before gaining access to the course materials. All student information is processed using SSL-encryption technology, and all credit card and online check information is processed via our secure payment processing company.

2. What is price for the Online Alcohol Class MIP class?

For the complete 8 hour Emmonak Alaska MIP class the cost is $149. This cost is slightly higher for the 16 hour ($249) and 24 hour ($349) Emmonak Alaska classes.

3. How do I take my Emmonak Alaska final exam for the Emmonak Alaska underage consumption class?

After completing the Emmonak Alaska Minor in Possession class, you must pass a brief Emmonak Alaska final exam with a score of at least 80%. At no additional charge, you may retake the Emmonak Alaska exam as many times as needed in order to satisfactorily complete the class.

4. Can I begin the underage consumption course on one computer and continue it on another?

Yes. Online Alcohol Class has designed this course to give you the maximum flexibility to take this Emmonak Alaska Minor in Possession class. You create a log in user name and password when you begin and you can use this password from any computer. Remember, this course is available to you 24 hours a day.

5. May I start and stop the Online Alcohol Class course if needed?

Yes. The Online Alcohol Class Emmonak Alaska online MIC course can work around your busy schedule, and you can start and stop unlimited times when you take the course. Our Online Alcohol Class website can resume where you left off!

6. How will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Online Alcohol Class will send a Certificate to you for free. If you complete the course by 12 pm PST (Monday through Friday), and we will send your Emmonak Alaska Certificate the SAME DAY!

7. How long does the Emmonak Alaska online MIP class last?

You can take the Emmonak Alaska course at your own pace. The underage consumption class is broken up into sessions and the time to take the course will vary from one person to another. The total length of the course varies depending on which length you signed up for.

8. How many quizzes are there in the Emmonak Alaska online MIP class?

There is a short quiz after some pages in the class. The Emmonak Alaska Minor in Possession class quizzes are meant to prepare you for the Emmonak Alaska final exam, and they do not count against your overall score. When taking the final exam, you must score 80% in order to pass. However, at no additional charge, you may re-take the final exam as many times as necessary in order to get the passing grade.

9. Do I need to download any software to take this Emmonak Alaska class?

You don't need to download any software to take this Emmonak Alaska class. The program will work on any PC or Mac with a web browser and internet access.

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