Missouri DUI Laws

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

You’ve received a DWI in the state of Missouri? Well then, let us show you the resources needed to remedy your case. We can provide you with information about Missouri’s DUI law, the consequences you face and possible solutions. Come and take a look.

The Law

Missouri DWI law states that it is unlawful for any person to operate or be in physical control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated due to the consumption of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants, if he or she has with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater.

The Penalties

  • Imprisonment: Up to 6 months in jail.
  • Fines: At least $500 plus court costs.
  • Impact on License: Your license will be suspended for 90 days following a first offense conviction. You may be eligible for a limited license if you meet the state's requirements for one after the first 30 days of your suspension period has lapsed.

SATOP (Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program)

In accordance with Missouri law, individuals whose driver's license has been suspended or revoked by the Department of Revenue due to a DWI/DUI arrest must complete the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP) successfully. This information page consists of two sections providing a general overview and in-depth details about Missouri's SATOP.

Weekend Intervention Program (WIP)

The Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) is a two-day, 48-hour educational program held in a controlled environment, usually over a weekend. It targets second-time DWI offenders and individuals deemed to have a substance abuse risk through screening. The program encompasses assessment, medical screenings, group and individual sessions, as well as other interventions and confrontational activities aimed at encouraging the offender to take personal responsibility for their impaired driving behavior.

The Solution

To have your license reinstated in the state of Missouri, you must file an SR22 form which you can attain from your insurance provider. The DUI laws in Missouri will require SR22 coverage for at least three years depending on your offense and sentence from the judge.

The court may also mandate that you complete a MO DWI class. If you are required to do so you can begin our online class immediately. The course will meet any Missouri DWI training requirement, but make sure you get the judge’s permission prior to starting. Once you start you can work at your own pace. We designed not only effective programs, but also ones that fit into your busy schedule. Do not delay in getting started on your DUI class for Missouri, enroll now.

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