DUI Class Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For your convenience, we've provided a sample of DUI Class Frequently Asked Questions. While these concerns are most common, we do eagerly invite you to Contact Us if you don't happen to see your question below. Our Frequently Asked Questions include:

1. How do I take a Zoom DUI Class?

Zoom DUI classes are classes conducted live via a Zoom interface using Zoom, Skype or other video software. Zoom DUI Classes are scheduled just like live DUI classes are a particular time and date in front of a DUI instructor. So you must be available and in front of your computer during the entire class.

Online DUI classes are different. They are a self-paced class that you can take on your computer on your own schedule. They don't have a particular meeting time. You can log on and log off whenever you need to.

2. Does an online DUI class require a lot of reading?

Our online DUI classes contain reading but we offer a low-cost "read-along" option. With read along we read the class to you so you don't have to do any reading when you take the DUI class.

3. What's the difference between a DUI and DWI?

DUI means to "driving under the influence". DWI means "driving while intoxicated". For all practical purposes they are the same thing and the terms can be used interchangeably. It's mainly a state-specific naming convention. So, for example in California it's referred to as a DUI. While in Texas they refer to it as a DWI.

4. What's the fastest way to get a DUI Class Completion Certificate?

There's no faster way to get a DUI Class Certificate of Completion than taking the class online. That's going to be much faster than a scheduled in-person class where you have to go the same time every week. Online classes are self-paced which means that you can complete the class as quickly as you want.

Most people take 1-2 hours of classes per day. But if you are willing to work hard you can do 4 hours per day or even more. So that means a 12 hour DUI class could be completed in 3 days or less. A 24 hour DUI class could easily be finished in a week.

Frequently Asked Questions