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Alcohol Awareness Classes in Counties of New Brunswick

If you're looking for an alcohol class in any county in New Brunswick, please take a look at the list below. Our company's alcohol classes can be taken by all citizens of New Brunswick in any county. For more information about the classes, please select the county where you live below.

Drunk driving and alcohol addiction are horrible problems and they affect everyone who lives in New Brunswick. Did you know that one in three 8th graders drinks alcohol? Even more, Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and one out of three of those is alcohol related. These surprising statistics are just some of the reasons why it's so very important for people to receive a high quality education about alcohol awareness. It can save lives.

New Brunswick Alcohol and Drug Awareness Class FAQ

1. Do you accept most payment methods for OAC?

Yes. We accept most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Amex). All of your personal information, including credit card data will remain completely confidential. This information is processed through our secure payment processing system.

2. How do I access my necessary materials?

At the beginning of the enrollment process, you must choose a unique username and password for the site. This information will act as your site key, which allows you access to the site's features 24/7.

3. Can I access the site every day? What if I am too busy?

Yes. As stated previously, the site is available 24/7 to all users with an Internet connection. This allows users to start and stop studying at their own pace. If you are working towards a court-ordered due date, it is highly encouraged to keep this in mind while taking the course.

4. How do the quizzes work? Do they affect my overall score?

The quizzes are solely educational, and do not count against your score. They are in place to prepare you for the New Brunswick based final exam. To successfully complete the course, you must score eighty percent or higher on the final exam. If you fail to pass on your initial try, you are allowed to re-take the test until you do so (at no extra cost).

5. How do I receive my certificate of completion?

After you pass the final exam, your certificate of completion is mailed to you via first-class mail to your provided address. Once again, if you are working towards a court-ordered deadline we encourage you to sign up for next day delivery of your certificate.

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