"Pizza Drinker" Needs Alcohol and Drug Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

How many pizzas do you have to drink in order to qualify for a driving under the influence violation (DUI)?  No, that is not a trick question.

A Louisville, Kentucky man drove his car into a ditch and then told officers he only had "two pizzas to drink" for lunch.

Police said when officers arrived, an off-duty St. Matthews police officer was talking to the driver, 68-year-old Donn Adams.

Adams seemed confused and disoriented, police said, and told officers he only had two pizzas to drink for lunch (this is possible – I had a college roommate who blended up three slices of sausage and onion pizza and drank it in one gulp – on a dare).

Officers asked Adams if he was under the influence of drugs, and Adams told them he wasn't, but that took Suboxone for an opiate addiction.

Adams did not give officers permission to search his car, but two syringes filled with a brown liquid believed to be heroin were in plain sight in the car.

The excuse - Adams told police that he thought the liquid was heroin that his friend had left in the car.  Adams is charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Well, Adams may have not gotten a DUI for his pizza drinking, but the heroin and drug paraphernalia was enough to land him in jail.  Perhaps a good online alcohol class or online drug class will keep him on the straight and narrow.