LSU Students Need Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

I attended a few different colleges and visited numerous others, and one thing they all have in common is there is a lot of drinking, Louisiana State University located in Baton Rouge, LA is thinking its problem is excessive. What do you think?

LSU’s Health Service Center did a survey and found that 88.6 percent of respondents from LSU drank within the last year, and more University students drove after drinking than most other colleges.

These surveys, which were released this spring, allow universities to compare their statistics with national averages of others.

The area that especially concerns me is the statistic about drinking and driving. According to the National College Health Assessment II, the University's drinking and driving rates are double the national average. While 31.5 percent of University students drove after drinking any alcohol, 15.2 percent of students did nationally.

It is important to remember that alcohol is both a drug and a poison. While students may drink regularly, their bodies don't always respond the same way. Hydration, stress, food consumption, sleep and medication use all play a part in alcohol's effect of the body. If someone you know is suffering from alcoholism please seek help immediately. If you prefer to maintain total anonymity there are Louisiana alcohol classes too.