Indians Need Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

Quick – what country consumes the most whiskey? Read on, the answer may surprise you.

India is one of the fastest growing alcohol markets in the world and largest consumer of whiskey, accounting for almost 80% of the entire Indian liquor market.

Indians Consume Hard Liquor

Thealcohol consumption in India will cross 19,000 million litres by 2015 from the current level of 6,700 million litres growing at a rate of 30% per year.

The reason for the increase is the sizable middle class population with rising spending power and a sound economy are certain significant reasons behind increase in consumption of alcohol in India.

But with the number of youngsters and income levels on the rise, popularity of beer made from malt is increasing and is expected to reach 2.4 billion litres by 2012.

Indian liquor market which is divided into various categories like – IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor), imported liquor, domestic liquor and country-made liquor, is brimming with growth. Of late, Indian consumers have developed fondness for imported liquor and the market is crowded with various foreign brands.

Awareness about health benefits associated with moderate drinking is another significant factor behind this upsurge as now more and more Indians are adopting a healthy lifestyle, highlights the study.

Urbanization together with ever-changing social norms, increased alcohol availability, high intensity marketing and relaxation of overseas trade rules have equally contributed to increased alcohol consumption.

Starting Younger

A significant but worrisome reason for increased liquor consumption is that boys and girls in their youth are resorting to drinking at a young age due to high disposable incomes, lack of parental supervision, changing society norms and peer pressure.

Almost 45 per cent of 12th graders in metropolitan cities in India excessively consume alcohol and teenage drinking has risen by a whopping 100 per cent during the course of last 10 years, a recent survey showed.

India ranks as one of largest alcoholic beverage market across the globe considering that almost 70 per cent of alcohol in south-east Asia is produced in India. Besides, India’s contribution in total alcohol beverage imports in the region is nearly 10 per cent.

Kerala and Punjab are leading liquor consuming states in India. With Kerela alone accounting for 16 per cent and Punjab accounting for 14 per cent of all the liquor consumed in India.

Nearly 15 to 20 per cent of the liquor consumed annually is estimated to be counterfeit, causing tax loss to the state governments and brand reputation damage to the manufacturers.

It is always interesting to read about alcohol and its place in other societies. It appears that as the Indian population increases its standard of living, so too does the increase in the consumption of alcohol.