Do Pregnant Women Need Alcohol Awareness Classes?

by: Mike Miller

Should pregnant women be forced to take an alcohol awareness class? There are so many pregnant women that drink and do drugs while pregnant you almost want to make an alcohol and drug class mandatory. I know my mother drank and smoked cigarettes while I was in utero. Is this all hype or should the law decide.

Should Bars Ban Alcohol Sales to Pregnant Women?

In one part of Australia, according to Times Live, bars and restaurants will not be allowed to sell alcohol to drunks or pregnant women if the Gauteng Liquor Bill is enacted.

The bill also prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors, and students in uniform.

This means bars and restaurants would be in breach of the law if they served alcohol to a drunken customer.

Not selling to drunks was tough to put into practice. No bar serves alcohol to people who are abusive and disorderly, but it is hard to know when to draw the line.

The bill is trying raise awareness that bartenders should not serve intoxicated people.

This would make so that a pregnant woman could not even buy a bottle of wine for a friend or a six-pack for their husband!

In a bar how is a bartender to know if a woman is pregnant. Women do not even show their “baby bump” until the third or fourth month. God forbid a barkeep asks a heavyset woman if she’s pregnant!

I for one think this bill is nonsense. As a political statement fine. What is needed is greater alcohol awareness through alcohol classes and counseling.