Alcohol Class and DUIs Help Reform Party Girl

by: Mike Miller

I firmly believe that it is possible to learn from your mistakes. Hopefully, you will learn before it costs you your life. Consider “Party Girl” lucky.

Like many alcoholics, “Party Girl” did not realize she had a problem until very late in the game. Do you think getting a DUI was a wake-up call? Not even close. “Party Girl” known as Amber Balles had two DUIs within 31 days and still did not realize she had a problem. Why? As reported in

The DUI laws in Idaho are partially to blame. She felt that she barely got in trouble for the two DUIs so really there was nothing wrong with drinking and driving.

Balles may have finally seen the light. She is coming clean about her behavior and her family history of alcoholism.

She has always been known for her ability to party, even deemed "Budweiser Barbie" by a former probation officer.

How bad was her problem before she sought help? How about drinking every single day to the point of passing out and not remembering how you got home and prayed your car was outside. Every single day!

Even after two DUIs, she continued to drink at parties and local bars after being put on misdemeanor probation, but after having one too many, she left the bar one night and drove home.

While she managed to make it into her driveway, waiting behind her was a police officer...arrested for her third DUI.

The total cost of her three DUIs is about $25,000. Wouldn’t we all like to have $25K. I hope she continues to help keep others sober.