Launching Our New 12 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

To meet the rising demand of 12 hours of alcohol education, Online Alcohol Class announces the offering of a standard 12 hour alcohol awareness class. Historically we've offered 8 hour, 16 hour and 24 hour classes as our standard offerings. Of course when people request a 12 hour class we are able to accomidate them. But the requests have become more frequenty and so we've decided to create a standard 12 hour class.

The 12 hour class fit right in between our 8 hour alcohol awareness class and our 16 hour alcohol education program. It's perfect for somebody who wants to learn a little more than our 8 hour class but can't commit the time to the 16 hour program.

In addition, some students have been asked by courts to meet a 12 hour or 12 session alcohol awareness requirement. Or some need a 12 week or 3 month alcohol education course. This class is perfect for those students. 

Like all our classes, this one has been custom designed by our experts to meet the needs of students who require top quality alcohol education. And like all of our classes it includes our world-class customer support, always free certificate shipping and our 100% money back guarantee. No other program beats our offerings.

So if you're interested in our class, please register today!