Avoid Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks—Join an Alcohol Education Program

It has become a very popular trend to mix alcohol with different types of caffeine filled energy drinks. Though this is completely legal, this combination is very dangerous and could be detrimental to your health. Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine which stimulate the central nervous system and increases blood flow. If you mix this with alcohol, the alcohol gets absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly which can be dangerous and harmful. Participating in an alcohol education program can help you learn the consequences of consuming alcohol.

Facts about Booze and Energy Drinks

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is an emerging bad habit on college campuses. The combination of alcohol and caffeine allows students to get drunk without getting tired or falling asleep too quickly. This is dangerous since fatigue is a sign that a body has had too much and needs to rest. The energy drink tricks your body into drinking more alcohol than it should be taking in. Another problem is that alcohol is a depressant, while energy drinks contain a lot of stimulants. This can affect the heart and cause cardiac related problems.

Other Dangers

It's commonly known that alcohol causes people to get dehydrated — this is actually one of the leading reasons behind hangovers. Because energy drinks are known diuretics, it causes people to lose water. Combined with the drying effect of alcohol, dehydration can be a serious problem. Though you may feel as if you can party longer, make sure to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated and balanced.

If is best to avoid this combination since the consequences can sneak up on you.

Being Responsible

When you consume alcohol, do you act responsibly? Perhaps you could benefit from taking an alcohol awareness class. When drinking, it's always important to make smart and safe decisions.

Avoid Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks—Join an Alcohol Education Program