Most Common Holidays to Drink

It seems that the holidays are a common time for people to drink booze. Whether the beverage of choice is beer, wine, or liquor, there are several days of celebration throughout the calendar year that are known for high levels of alcohol consumption. Take a look at some of the most familiar holidays often associated with heavy drinking.

The Holiday List

The following holidays are famously known for increased periods of drinking:

  • St. Patrick's Day

It should come as no surprise that March 17th is a huge day to drink. Specifically, green beer is quite popular to consume on this day. Whether you're Irish or not, St. Patrick's Day is probably one of the most common holidays linked to drinking.

  • Thanksgiving Eve and Day

Whether you're drinking with relatives or friends, the day before Thanksgiving is considered by some to be "the biggest partying day of the year." Family members visit from out of town and college kids come home for break, usually resulting in a night of heavy drinking. However, Thanksgiving Day also ranks high in alcohol-related traffic fatalities.

  • New Year's Eve

More than just a champagne toast at midnight, many people of all ages decide to ring in the New Year with various exotic beverages. Though popping bottles of bubbly is quite unanimous in celebrating New Year's Eve, it is also one of the biggest days for deaths involving drunk drivers.

  • The Fourth of July

It's unknown whether it's the summer heat or the fireworks that promote Americans to consume large amounts of alcohol on this day. Regardless, Independence Day is a busy day for boating, grilling, swimming, and drinking.

  • Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo has become a popular day to celebrate in America, whether or not you hold a personal connection to the Mexican culture. Like other holidays in the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become commercialized, mainly due to alcohol companies.

Always Drink Responsibly

In no way, shape, or form do we condone drinking. However, if you are going to drink, we highly recommend always being aware of how much beer or liquor you consume. It's important to drink responsibly and have a designated driver. Don't drive buzzed!

Most Common Holidays to Drink