The Consequences of Public Intoxication

If you are 21 or older, then you may make the legal decision to consume alcohol. If you do, please drink responsibly. Alcohol can impair your judgment and lower inhibitions leaving people doing things they later regret. For example, public drunkenness and intoxication could not only be embarrassing and bad for your reputation, but could also have legal ramifications. Our MIP or Alcohol Awareness courses will educate you on the dangers of alcohol.

The Risks of Public Intoxication

To be cited for public intoxication you must appear to be drunk or intoxicated and be in a public setting. Depending on the state in which you're charged, it may have to be proven that you are out of control and/or unable to of take care of yourself. Here are some common symptoms of public intoxication:

  • Stumbling
  • Looking Tipsy or Uncoordinated
  • Being Loud and Obnoxious
  • Behaving Oddly or Inappropriately

If you are behaving this way in public, you may be arrested for public intoxication which may result in a ticket or time in jail depending on where you are and how intoxicated you appear.

Be Responsible

It's so important to drink alcohol responsibly. Here are some ways to manage this drug safely:

  • Limiting the number of alcoholic beverages you consume
  • Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after you consume alcohol
  • If you know you're going to drink, make sure you eat a good meal beforehand
  • Make sure you have a safe way to return home before you start drinking

When you make the decision to drink alcohol responsibly, then you stand a greater chance of avoiding serious penalties and consequences, such as public intoxication. But, if drinking responsibly is a challenge, then you may need help. Learning more about alcohol through an alcohol awareness class or attending a community support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous are great places to start. Now is a great time to get the professional help you may need.

Know Your Limits

Since alcohol impairs your judgement, know your limits. Drink carefully and safely to avoid becoming intoxicated, especially in public.

The Consequences of Public Intoxication