Alcohol Can Impair Your Judgment?

Chances are you are well aware of how damaging alcohol is to your body. If you choose to consume too much beer, wine or liquor, you could be putting yourself and those around you at risk. You probably already know some of the health risks and DUI risks of drinking, but do you know the risks associated with alcohols impact on judgment?

Alcohol Damages

Drinking alcohol compromises your judgment which can cause you to make different decisions than you would sober. When our judgment is compromised, we think differently and take more risks. Our assessment of a situation is altered since we don't have our senses working as sharply as they would sober. Perhaps you've been romantic with someone that you wouldn't have without "beer goggles" or ordered another drink you didn't need because you were "feeling good". Have you ever engaged in the following behaviors after drinking that you wouldn't have done sober?

  • Binge Drinking (Drinking Too Much)
  • Having Unprotected Sex
  • Having Sex or Fooling Around with Someone You Hardly Know
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Saying or Posting Things You Regret
  • Getting Involved in Fights
  • Slower Reaction Time

Consuming too much alcohol slows down your reaction time. It can take longer for people to make decisions or respond in situations. This is very scary when you are behind the wheel. Your vision can be blurred and your brain does not process information at the same speed it does without alcohol in the blood. Getting behind the wheel of a car is a high risk to you, your passengers, and anyone else on the road.

Gateway to Other Drugs

Alcohol can be a "gateway drug," meaning that those who use alcohol, are more likely to try other drugs (i.e. marijuana, cocaine, etc.). Since alcohol impairs your judgment and lowers your inhibitions, there is a greater chance that you'd be willing to test out taking other drugs. If you are planning to drink, know your limits and drink in moderation. This keeps you from making decisions you might terribly regret.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

If you don't know when to stop drinking, or can't when you try- then alcohol is not a good option for you and there is a good chance you need to avoid it altogether. You may benefit from attending a support group meeting or enrolling in an alcohol education program. Learning more about how alcohol impacts your judgment- can help you make better decisions.

Alcohol Can Impair Your Judgment?